view garden shed. Hagehortensiaen panicalata Hydrangea Annabelle is planted in several places in the flower beds. It is fine in the company of hosta and other, slightly coarse perennials. It is also seen different verdant climbing plants, which makes the garden alive and fairytale. The lawn and flower beds are delineated by curbs, which makes it easier to keep the grass and flowers separated and facilitate mowing. White kongelys, lamb ears and engletrompeter lit up in the bed at nig

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Tall flowering plants are an essential element in some styles of gardening and for adding height and colour to the flower border……Hollyhocks, Foxgloves, Delphiniums, Wisteria, Fuschias, Climbing Roses, Allium, Verbena, & Sunflowers will add nice height to your gardens.